Vol. 152, No 2 (2011)



Méthodes Statistiques pour l’analyse de données post-génomiques PDF
Stéphane Robin 1-2
Type I error rate control for testing many hypotheses: a survey with proofs PDF
Etienne Roquain 3-38
Learning false discovery rates by fitting sigmoidal threshold functions PDF
Bernd Klaus, Korbinian Strimmer 39-50
Regularized learning in bioinformatics PDF
Laurent Jacob 51-76
Integration and variable selection of ‘omics’ data sets with PLS: a survey PDF
Kim-Anh Lê Cao, Caroline Le Gall 77-96
Defining a robust biological prior from Pathway Analysis to drive Network Inference PDF
Marine Jeanmougin, Mickael Guedj, Christophe Ambroise 97-110
A review of statistical models for clustering networks with an application to a PPI network PDF
Jean-Jacques Daudin 111-125

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